teamyar app module

Teamyar App Module

Today's world is a world of agility, flexibility, online work, and easy access to data from anywhere and anytime. Remote work, high speed of communication, and constant vigilance of the market have made the need for agility and flexibility of processes in businesses a necessity. Constant communication, real-time decision-making, and easy access to the organization's sensitive data have made the existence of a practical tool that can handle these needs well not only necessary but essential.

" Teamyar App" is an Android application of Teamyar ERP software. An application developed to meet your business needs for agile and flexible process management. This Android app allows the users of Teamyar workspace to access all the systems, modules, and data they need on their smart devices. This app contains all the data of your business ERP software. With an internet connection, you can access all this data from your smart mobile device, mobile and tablet, from anywhere. You can also edit this data and manage your organization's work processes in it.

One of the prominent advantages of Teamyar App is the possibility of managing several ERP software with one application. You can access all the data in any number of Teamyar ERP software by adding any number of domains and logging in. You only need to touch the screen of your device to switch between them.

Key features of the Teamyar App

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