The history and roadmap of Teamyar from the Founder

The Roadmap and history of Teamyar, according to the Founder.

Rewriting the history of Teamyar reminds me of the beginning of my career in the IT industry about 33 years ago. The initial parts of my professional career are not directly related to Teamyar ERP. Still, the fact is that today's product is the result of all my past experiences, and without those experiences, Teamyar has no special meaning; this record will be completed over time and updated according to changes and new decisions in reaching the goals. ERP has become a digital platform for developing all intelligent and progressive businesses.

Achieving the vision and mission is my primary commitment, and with God's will and my colleagues' commitment and companionship, we will achieve it.

Majid Naghedinia


Our vision is for Teamyar to become widespread in large and small businesses, become a prominent tool for managers, and be among the world's top digital workspaces (ERP).


Our mission is to create systematic integration and agility of information and develop intelligent management of leading businesses and organizations worldwide.

Teamyar's Roadmap for the future:  

Migration to Meta Office.


The road map of Teamyar in 2024

Teamyar migration from Windows operating system to Linux.

Reviewing the implemented processes of all Teamyar ERP systems and subsystems and redesigning them for ease of use (Best Practice solution).

Middleware library development in Teamyar ERP to increase development speed and reduce errors.

Providing a "Teamyar Account" like Google Account.


The road map of Teamyar in 2023

Development of cloud structure using GPU to make the price of services cheaper.

Development of Teamyar traffic management in separate servers (BigData).

Implementing the execution structure and management of modules on separate servers (BigData).

The possibility of producing and developing new modules with programming languages other than C and C++.

Providing a cloud assistant with ready-made templates for different businesses for easy and quick setup and use.


Teamyar road map in 2022

Integration with Google products.

Setting up a marketing, sales, support, deployment, training and content production unit in English.

Teamyar application for offline users (store checkout).

Obtaining GDPR, ISO27001, and ISO37001 standards.

Revision of UI and UX of all Teamyar ERP systems and subsystems and their redesign for ease of use.

The beginning of the research of the Teamyar global network


Teamyar road map of 2021

We developed the Manufacturing solution -production management.

We developed a Remote work solution for telecommuting office management. 

We completed the development of version 4 of Teamyar for customers.

We integrated with Bigbluebutton.

We are focusing on the workspace of the ERP team assistant instead of the ERP team assistant.

We presented the first version of "Did", an integrated ERP site builder of Teamyar.

We completed the Teamyar cloud process and connected with Teamyar online sales.

We presented the COGS solution, the cost of production and trade.

We developed and deployed new solutions in the context of TeamYar.

We transferred Teamyar's leading site from WordPress to Did, Teamyar's integrated ERP site builder.

We reviewed and designed the UI of the general template of Teamyar and presented a new version.

We developed Teamyar chat with WhatsApp and Telegram messenger. 


Teamyar road map of 2020

Providing Teamyar ERP cloud service for all businesses with competitive rates.

Release of Teamyar version 4.

Development and integration of Teamyar online store management system "Timche".

Development and integration of Teamyar remote team management.

Development of Teamyar assistant.