Branch module

Branch Module

The branch module is designed to create different branches of the organization, units and sub-units, as well as define different levels of the organizational chart, define job classes and statutes, manage minutes, manage circulars and organization rules. The branch module is considered the central module and causes coordination in the integrated business management systems of Teamyar.

Key features of the branch module

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Communication with other modules.

System Manager

  • Access management based on defined jobs
  • Calling the desired branch and fiscal year in all Teamyar modules


Create organizational units as departments and categories in the task module

Human Resource

  • Choosing the manager of the organization from personnel files
  • Communication of the organization with personnel to display the organizational chart
  • Using the job list defined for each organizational unit

Branch module subsystems


  •  Definition of different branches
  • Create a section in the action module and link to that module
  • Create a category in the action module and link to that module
  • Branch definition with parameters such as the definition of name, manager, ID, workshop code and tax file number for the organization
  • Defining the topic of the organization's activity
  • Description of economic code and license number
  • Definition of communication information such as phone, fax, email, postal code, and address.
  • Inserting the logo of the organization with the ability to edit and delete
  • Edit and delete existing organizations


  • Definition of organizational units
  • Transferring administrative units to the desired part
  • Moving the units to the desired point in the list of organizational units
  • Display the list of organizational units based on parameters such as creation date, creator, change date, changer
  • Create and view the tree structure of the organization


  • Job definition and its relationship with personnel module
  • Communication of organizational units and created jobs


  • Determining who has the right to sign
  • Management of legal documents and documents of the organization/company
  • Management of all charters, charters, official gazettes and...


  • Determining the access of system users at the levels: of view, edit, schedule and administrator (connection with the system administrator module)
  • Determining the access rights of users and groups based on positions and organizational roles