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Teamyar ERP Calendar Module

Managing time and accurately informing all employees, including managers and specialists, of work sessions and details is of high importance. In the Teamyar Calendar Module, you can be informed of your free times and the days when you have different sessions, and with just a few clicks, you can inform everyone who needs to be present at the session of the time and place. The Teamyar ERP Calendar Module provides various features, enabling all activities related to session implementation, from time planning and session details to sending SMS messages to invitees. It also enables the creation of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual events and event management (including displaying a list of all created events, editing, and deleting events).

Key features of the Calendar module

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Teamyar ERP Calendar Module

Interaction with other modules


Regional time settings and related calendar settings for Gregorian, Solar, and Lunar calendars.


Invoking various events and selecting one event as the active event.


Invoking various events and selecting one event as the active event.

Customer Relations Management

Creating a new event and connecting to customers

Connecting events to invited customers.

Calendar Module Subsystems


  • Creating unlimited new calendars, managing access levels, editing and deleting calendars
  • Managing the display of days, weeks, months, and years on the calendar
  • Showing both Gregorian and Persian dates on the day-count page
  • Displaying the details of an event on the calendar (date and time, location, etc.)
  • Viewing events of each calendar in day, month, and year views
  • Enabling/disabling the display of events for each calendar separately


  • Creating unlimited events, editing and deleting events
  • Managing events and work sessions
  • Printing created events
  • Setting reminders for each event
  • Recording the location of the event
  • Attaching files to events
  • Assigning visual settings such as color to events
  • Adding comments for each event
  • Inviting unlimited users or customers to events
  • Notifying users of event invitations
  • Determining the status of events (before and after the event)
  • Accepting or rejecting invitations
  • Recording comments at the time of invitation rejection
  • Defining events as recurring
  • Attaching documents and attachments
  • Adding and copying links to events
  • Sending SMS messages with session details to session attendees


  • Managing additional users and permissions
  • Customizing event notifications and reminders
  • Customizing the appearance of the calendar and events
  • Synchronizing with other calendars.


  • Link to the project documents and documents to the entire project or its stages (connection with the documents module)


  • The personnel file link to the entire project or its stages (connection with the personnel module)


  •  The desired event link to the entire project or its phases (connection with the calendar module)


  • Link to the desired surveys to the entire project or its stages (connection to the quality module)


  • Allocation of human resources to the project by designating the supervisor and general manager of the project or any stage of it


  • Define a template for repeating projects
  • Use defined templates when defining a project


  • Closing projects
  • Archive and archive projects after they are closed
  • Restore archived projects


  • Linking projects with the projects account in the accounting module (connection with the accounting module)
  • Budget control and credit of projects (connection with the budget module)


  • View the status of projects in the form of a list
  • View the percentage of work progress
  •  Project time control
  • Control of human resources assigned to each project


  •  Import projects from other software, such as MSP
  • Export projects defined in TeamYar to CSV format for import into other software
  •  Print project information and its steps


  •  Define access per user and group on the entire module, per category and per project


  •  Search and filter projects