Document module

Document Module

The process of production, classification, access to content and information based on knowledge management is one of the necessary and fundamental processes of any organisation that needs to be implemented according to the organisation's needs. In addition to covering all matters related to office automation, secretarial, archiving and document archive management, Teamyar's ERP software documents module enables the classification, reporting and dynamic and advanced search of documents and facilitates administrative correspondence (including all the capabilities of a Comprehensive software for office automation and letter writing). Using this module's shortcuts, you can easily find out what documents need to be read, completed, approved or signed. This information reduces costs and increases productivity by eliminating redundancies, preventing mistakes and forgetting, and saving time. The Teamyar documents module allows you to save files and folders and determine how to access that file or folder by setting user access levels. This module provides the possibility of electronic archiving, retrieval, control of the process of creation and approval of documents in such a way that the records of the activities carried out on the documents can be controlled and tracked, and simple transfer of documents to other personnel and approval of documents using a digital signature. It makes it possible. In this module, it is easy to determine who created, read, approved or signed a file. In Teamyar, the latest version of documents is always displayed. All previous versions can be seen if needed, comparing versions and complete history.

Key features of the documentation module

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 Teamyar ERP Document module

Communication with other modules 


connects documents to the project and determines the percentage of its progress in the project


Display of e-mails sent and received through the ECE protocol

Human Resources

Linking the file and folder to the desired personnel file


Create a new document

Create a file on the details page of each customer and save it in the Documents module

File and folder association with a client

Site (portal)

Determining public folders for different customer groups on the site (portal)

Managing customer documents on the site (portal)

Determining the document completion folder on the site (portal)

Documentation module subsystems


  • Determining the document completion folder on the site (portal) and containing its access
  • Automatically create dedicated folders of user and customer documents (connection with the HR module)
  • Separation of real and legal customer folders
  • Designating public folders for different customer groups in the portal
  • Manage documents and folders and their access settings
  • Management of system and text files
  • Control of audio and video files
  • Document naming management
  • Information archive management
  • Determining the storage location of documents according to the classification of folders
  • Determining the nature of the document or file
  • Determining the degree of importance and priority for each document or file
  • Add a system signature to any document or file
  • Defining appropriate tags or metadata for each document or file