Email modules

Email Module

This module manages the entire process of sending, receiving and storing e-mails using IMAP/POP/SMTP/SSL protocols; In addition, by connecting the email module to the client, action, calendar, project, etc. modules, you can check the information in the received and sent emails and, if needed, connect it directly to the required Inbox. One of the unique features of the email module is the possibility of notifying users about the content of sent and received emails, as well as sending comments and documentation in real-time. Teamyar email module can manage internal and external correspondence, and its superiority over similar examples is the ability to assign emails to colleagues and manage employee responses to customers.

Key features of the Email module

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Communication with other modules


Send e-mails tailored to the workflow built into the task

Site (portal)

Password recovery by email

Human Resource Management

The e-mail sent by the applicant

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Assigning emails to customers registered in the customer module

Mailbox filter based on customer name

Email module subsystems

  • Organising emails in Inbox, Sent, Closed, Draft, Spam and Trash folders
  • Register and save received/sent emails
  • Keeping emails being sent in this section until the process of sending them is completed
  • Isolation and filtering of closed emails
  • Set automatic sending of ready messages at specified time
  • Spam registration and storage
  • Record and save deleted emails
  • Separation and filtering of selected emails