Exchange modules

Exchange Module

In the Teamyar exchange module, the business operations of exchange companies are carried out in two areas: cash (currency exchange in the form of bills and notes) and remittances. The advantages of this module include the definition of the second currency, the separation of software inputs and real-time reports in commodity and currency notes, the issuance of official invoices, the issuance of automatic documents at each stage of remittances, the issuance of exchange rate documents for all currencies separately or in general. He mentioned the automatic registration of Senate invoices after issuing the invoices, the automatic updating of the exchange rate and the instant transfer of currency; creating profit and loss reports instantly and without the need to register documents is one of the other advantages of this integrated system. In the Teamyar exchange module, customer support and their requests can be easily managed. Users can communicate with the system and use it easily without needing expertise in computer concepts.

Key features of the exchange module

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Communication with other modules


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System manager

  • Create responsible users in the exchange module
  • Creating access to see the exchange module in the list of responsible modules


Registration of orders to buy or sell currency and display the status of each order to each customer


Registration of exchange documents in the accounting module

CRM client

Display and select customers defined in exchange invoices

Human Resources

Display and select files defined in exchange invoices

Exchange module subsystems


  •      Defining multiple currencies and updating the rate of each one online (in connection with accounting)
  •      Management of currency purchase operations
  •      Management of currency sales operations
  •      Management of currency conversion operations
  •      Performing simultaneous payment operations (Cash Express)
  •      Registration of purchase and sale remittance invoices
  •      Registration of purchase and sale cash invoices
  •      Registration of currency purchase and sale orders, along with their confirmation or rejection
  •      Connecting confirmed orders to remittances (connection to accounting, portal, CRM)
  •      Display all orders registered in the portal (connection with the portal)
  •  Edit, delete or complete registered orders (communication with accounting, portal, CRM)
  • Post settlement for remittance invoices in the same invoice
  • Completing the process of remittance and cash invoices
  • Registering deliveries and settlements separately and connecting them to the relevant invoices
  • Registration of complete information in foreign currency remittances
  • Recording and archiving all financial information and... related to customers, stakeholders and several different companies independently (connection with accounting, portal, CRM)
  • Carrying out foreign currency purchases and sales by cash or check (connection with accounting, portal, CRM)
  • Using permanent methods of calculating the cost price and using it in documents related to sales invoices
  • Currency transfer between different accounts
  • Control of buying, selling, receiving and payment operations, etc., through a checklist of steps (connection with accounting, portal, CRM)
  • Creating an automatic document in accounting at the same time as issuing an invoice (related to accounting)
  • Automatic document creation at every stage of remittances
  • Maintaining the history of all activities and changes for control and security in the system
  • Creating links to different pages in other sections
  • Attaching files to invoices and documents
  • Defining the currency conversion rate for each invoice (related to accounting)
  • Definition of currency parity rate to base currency (relation to accounting)
  • Definition of multi-currency sheets at the same time
  • Registering money transfer operations and closing the fund (connection with accounting)
  • Carrying out all exchange operations based on user access to accounts and persons


  •  Determining access per user and group for all sections and parts of the exchange module (connection with the system manager module)