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Teamyar ERP Home Module

The Home module is a dashboard or a central interface that provides quick access to the most important and frequently used features, functions, and modules of Teamyar ERP.This module serves as a starting point for users to navigate and access different modules such as dashboards, reports, documents, projects, chats, etc. due to the authorization granted to each user.

Key features of the home module

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Teamyar ERP Home Module

Interaction with other modules


The ability to call various reports generated from all modules in the report widget

Portal (Website)

The possibility of using widgets such as time, chat, notification, slideshow, etc. on the home page of the portal (website)


The ability to view various system administration reports in a widget using the processor, events, consumed memory space, etc.

Human Resource

The ability to view various human resource reports created in the widget list of users and attendance


The ability to call up a list of customers in the customer widget


Possibility to view a list of actions and tasks created in the Task widget


Ability to view the news in the News widget


Ability to view created chats in the Chat widget


The ability to call a list of events created in the Calendar widget

Home Module Subsystems

  • Editing management dashboards
    • Creating, editing, and deleting dashboards
    • Adding various widgets to the dashboard
  • Change screen orientation (left-to-right and right-to-left)
  • Direct access to the portal (customer club)
  • Change system sounds
  • Log out of the user account
  • View the number of online users
  • Edit personal information
    • User's basic information
    • Time zone
  • Edit contact information including physical address, registered address, phone numbers, emails, etc.
  • Announcement management based on priority
    • ‚Äč Viewing and managing announcements as (special, important, normal, and mute)
    • Defining display settings for announcements
  • Three-step password definition for increased security
  • Edit password definition for customer club
  • Viewing user groups for active system users
  • Determining the order of display of modules in the main module menu
  • Assigning different sounds to new events in different modules
  • Session management
    • Information on active user sessions
    • Viewing user and group user session history
    • Filtering session history based on user and time frame
  • Viewing logs created by the user in the log section
  • Viewing a list of activities performed by the user based on the module list and status
  • Tracking user locations on a map in the location section.