IB/Affiliate Management

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The Introducing Broker Management module of Fintech ERP is the ultimate solution that allows brokers to verify, track, analyze and manage their partnerships with affiliates and Introducing Brokers. This powerful module provides brokers with an integrated solution to manage the entire Introducing Broker (IB) network. It allows brokers to easily manage their IB network, monitor commissions and commission payouts, track referral links, and more. Additionally, the module provides brokers with a secure, integrated method to manage their IB partners, assign and manage sub-IBs, and track each IB's performance.

The advantages of the Introducing Broker Management module for a broker include:

  • Increased visibility into IB partners and performance
  • Automated tracking of referral links and Multi-tiered commission monitoring and calculation.
  • Modifiable commission structure; trade percentage, client quantity, trade lot...etc.
  • Assign and manage unlimited IB and sub-IBs
  • Customisable registry form and referral link
  • Accurate tracking of commissions payouts
  • Easy management of the entire IB network, from the registry to performance tracking and payout.
  • Fund withdrawals from the built-in virtual wallet or MT4/MT5 accounts.
  • Integration with accounting, BI, portal and other ERP modules.
  • Real-time reporting and analysis for brokers and in the IB dashboard
  • Increased efficiency and decreased operational costs