Monitor module

Monitoring Module

The monitoring module is another specialized module of Teamyar ERP software. This module provides a practical tool for managing internal networks, servers, production lines, tools and devices equipped with digital sensors through the SNMP protocol for factory, network, production and planning managers. The real-time and aggregated reports of this module allow planning and network managers to be aware of possible errors and defects in the production lines and to carry out the necessary planning to perform periodic services and prevent unwanted stops of the line. All devices, equipment and machines equipped with digital sensors can be synchronized with this module using their IP address and have real-time information on their performance and output power online.

Key features of the Monitoring Module

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Teamyar ERP Monitoring Module

Communication with other modules


Get the list of devices and machines


View the diagram of the operation process and production lines along with the related machines in each production line

customer relationship management (CRM)

HR module to create insurance and tax legal clients to create their accounts in accounting


Sending information and monitoring the status of devices to prevent and prevent a critical situation

Using measured values for repair operations

Monitoring module subsystems


  • Defining and editing new devices
  • Select registered devices in the property module to register a new device
  • Defining devices as a group and selecting them as a tree structure
  • Define the minimum and maximum value for each parameter
  • Definition of appropriate performance in case of minimum and maximum conditions


  • Adding different pages to display the monitoring status
  • Adding new pages and reporting in the form of line and bar graphs and other types
  • Registering and storing administrative, confidential and super-confidential information based on the designated accesses for sending each applicant's resume (connection with the portal module (site))


  • Calling the production line from the production system and displaying the operation process diagram of the production lines (connection with the production module)


  • Receiving all kinds of detailed review and analytical reports (communication with branch modules, report)


  • Determining access per user and user group for all parts of the monitoring module (connection with the system manager module)