purchase module

Teamyar ERP Purchase Module

The gateway of goods to the organization is the purchasing department. Having a suitable and efficient purchasing unit makes the process of answering and handling requests for purchasing goods and services for other parts of the organization, taking into account time, cost and quality, done quickly and completely reliably. Teamyar's purchase module has made it possible for the organization to meet the needs and requests of other departments. In this module, it is possible to implement and manage the complete purchase process, complete general and partial approvals of purchase requests and receipts, pre-invoices, purchase invoices, and returned items from purchases.

Key features of the Asset module

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Teamyar ERP Purchase Module

Interaction with other modules


Create and select the active branch


Create responsible users in the purchase module

Create access to see the purchase module in the list of responsible modules

Customer (CRM)

Definition of suppliers

Human Resource system

Recruiting, defining, and creating a personnel file for the purchase unit officials


Settings related to goods on the way and reserved

Request to purchase materials needed in production


Creating a quality control (QC) model to check the quality of purchased items


Defining and adjusting accounts related to suppliers, foreign exchange customers, purchase control, added value, taxes and duties, additions and deductions, discount and discount control and return control.

Issuance of automatic accounting documents in purchase and return operations

Product (Warehouse)

Registering the purchase invoice for the permanent receipt of the goods in the warehouse

Registering a purchase request in two ways: Requesting goods in case of lack of stock and reaching the order point for goods by setting up automatic purchase requests in the warehouse.

Registering a quantity in the warehouse in the purchase and return operation

Registration of goods and services required for purchase in the warehouse module

Purchase Module Subsystems


  • Invoice and supplier settings (connection with warehouse, personnel, quality, CRM module)
  • Registration of independent purchase requests or referring to other modules (connection with warehouse, production, personnel, CRM module)
  • Registration of purchase order-independent or responsive to the request (connection with warehouse, personnel, CRM module)
  • Registration of independent purchase invoice or purchase request or purchase order (connection with warehouse, personnel, accounting, quality, CRM module)
  • Registration of return from an independent purchase or related to purchase invoice (connection with warehouse, personnel, CRM module)
  • Independent service invoice registration (connection with warehouse, personnel, accounting, CRM module)
  • Registration of returns from independent purchases or related to service invoices (connection with warehouse, personnel, accounting, CRM modules)


  • Receive a variety of detailed review and analysis reports in real-time from each of the purchase processes (communication with branch modules, report)
  • Separation of frequently used and needed reports from other reports
  • Display all reports created in the shopping module widget (connection with branch modules, report)


  • Determining access per user and group for all sections and parts of the purchase module (connection with the system manager module)