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Teamyar ERP SMS Panel Module

The Teamyar SMS module allows you to define different SMS inboxes for customers, recipients, and employees within your organization. Through various SMS panels including Sepahan Gostar and Pars Green, you can send and receive individual or group SMS messages. You can also create dedicated SMS inboxes for operational units within your organization (such as customer communication, support, etc.) and interact with recipients through these inboxes. To do this, you need to connect the SMS system to the web service and Teamyar. The Teamyar SMS module has features such as automated SMS sending, automatic deletion of messages within a specified time, linking events (calendar) to the SMS inbox, and managing user access levels for each inbox.

Key features of the SMS module

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Interaction with other modules


Linking the desired SMS to the defined task in the Task module.


Send a link for the survey to participants.


Notify other registered users in the profile module.

After Sale Service

Ability to send customer warranty serial to the organization and also create a new customer with a mobile number.


Ability to send a new SMS from the customer's profile page

Ability to send SMS to all registered numbers for the selected customer.

Portal (Web site)

Sending password via SMS during user creation.

Send password in case of forgetfulness

Human Resource

Ease of managing human resource operations and receiving and sending SMS via registered number from personnel and job applicants in file

Sending password via SMS to personnel and job applicants in case of forgetfulness

SMS Panel Module Subsystems

  • Save and store new SMS messages
  • Receive and save sent messages in the inbox
  • Send and save messages sent in the sent section
  • Save and store all messages that have encountered problems during sending for various reasons
  • Separate and filter blocked messages
  • Save and store messages that are ready to send but you want to send them later at a different time
  • Save and store deleted messages.