Teamyar Assistant modules

Teamyar Assistant; Remote employee management tool

With the beginning of the global Corona epidemic, one practice was repeated more than ever: remote work. A culture that existed and was accepted in some organisations and a bold red line in others. But this culture has changed, and more businesses have started using it for their members. The remote work culture has become the accepted norm in industry and business. By announcing its advantages and disadvantages from time to time, a group gets deeper into it, and another group distances itself from it.

Remote working personnel have higher efficiency and productivity compared to face-to-face personnel. An issue that results in higher profit, elimination of costs related to the location of employees and increased personnel loyalty due to the organisation's social responsibility. But this same remote work can be like a double-edged sword if your business needs to be equipped with suitable management and monitoring tools. Teamyar's assistant is one of these tools.

You can measure the performance of your employees and give them points based on it. This topic can significantly help your organisation, especially if you emphasise that managing how your employees do things and processes or what is being done is critical to the organisation.

Using the Teamyar assistant and its integration with the personnel module of the Teamyar ERP software allows you to measure and monitor the activities of employees at different working times. This software is activated when the user logs into the system and monitors his activities.

Teamyar Assistant records and saves all the pages visited by the user. It also measures the number of clicks and the amount of system usage and shows it to the user through various notifications. Of course, the user can stop the assistant whenever he needs it. Also, the user and the manager can check their working status by referring to the assistant module of the team and correcting it if they have unannounced working hours.

Critical features of Teamyar Assistant

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