Teamyar POS modules

POS module, Teamyar cash register management

Teamyar POS is an innovative cash register management software for shopping centres and large stores.

Chain and large stores can define an unlimited number of different products in their product warehouse using Teamyar POS cash register software, set various payment policies for different products, manage their store customers with Teamyar's equipped CRM facilities, physical invoices and Virtually export and share with others, and manage your sales completely offline, online or hybrid.

The ability to personalize the list of goods for each seller user makes the sales process with Teamyar easy and fast.

Critical features of TeamYar POS

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Sell without being online

Teamyar POS is designed to save the information of all sales invoices and customer information in its internal memory at the time of internet failure and synchronize this information with Teamyar workspace servers as soon as it is reconnected to the network.

Implementing Teamyar POS on Android devices allows sellers to continue the sales cycle during power outages. This means that users can register the product needed by the customer and his invoices without electricity and internet and know about the customer's status and credit. Increasing customer satisfaction and eliminating the worry about not having access to customer information during power and internet outages is an essential advantage of this intelligent and practical software.