FinTech ERP Software Pricing 
License, Implementation, Support, Training, Consultation


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Pricing for FinTech ERP

$0 per month

At FinTech ERP, we are dedicated to providing financial brokers with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for managing their business operations.

First-Year: $ 0 per month

Includes after-sale services, support, implementation, and training; This allows our customers to benefit from the full range of FinTech ERP's features and benefits while ensuring a smooth transition to our platform.

Subsequent Years: For the second year onwards, our monthly subscription is $5,000.

This offers a cost-effective solution for our customers, allowing them to continue to benefit from the full range of FinTech ERP's features and benefits.

Minimum Contract: Our minimum contract is 2 years, and there may be a penalty for termination of the contract sooner. This helps us to provide our customers with the best possible service, as well as ensure that our costs are covered.

Upfront Payment: To ensure that our customers have access to FinTech ERP as soon as possible, we require an upfront payment of 6 months. This payment is taken at the time of purchase and will cover the first 6 months of your subscription.

FinTech ERP provides the comprehensive and cost-effective solution that financial brokers need to grow their business and stay ahead of the competition.

Contact us today to learn more about our pricing options and how FinTech ERP can help your brokerage integrate!



The above prices include the following items:

قیمت erp تیم یار  Permanent user license

قیمت erp تیم یار  +35 modules and applications with more than 100 systems and subsystem

قیمت erp تیم یار  +50 different solutions and systems (can be implemented)

قیمت erp تیم یار  Create unlimited users with 50 active users for production Preparation of recognition and gap report based on deployment methodology (without UI and UX design)

قیمت erp تیم یار  One-year support (starting after the first six months of deployment) 

قیمت erp تیم یار  for all systems

قیمت erp تیم یار  is considered high for a medium-sized manufacturing company

قیمت erp تیم یار  The minimum cost of deploying custom BI is X with a separate contract

قیمت erp تیم یار  FinTech ERP Support price

قیمت erp تیم یار  FinTech ERP Implementation price

قیمت erp تیم یار  FinTech ERP Training Price





قیمت erp تیم یار The price is XXX per hour, phone support, online (ticket), preparation and analysis of recognition report. FinTech ERP will respond to your online tickets within 8 working hours, and the cost of each ticket is calculated in at least 3 minutes.

قیمت erp تیم یار Support price

قیمت erp تیم یار Request for establishment price

* The equipment needed by the dedicated team assistant (is the responsibility of the buyer)

  • Intel Xeon 8 Core (New Gen) 
  • SSD128GB (Raid1) + Ram 6GB
  • Windows Server 2016/2019 Update 
  • Internet Connection 2Mb TX & RX 
  • Valid IP + Domain